Dalston Eastern Curve Garden


I chose the Eastern Curve Garden for day 1:


It’s a laid-back community green space with a licensed cafe. Usually open from around 11am until 8pm in the Summer, but opens later when there is live music. Lo-fi, natural fibre and reclaimed seats and chairs are scattered between the terrace and the greenery.

It’s a real East London gem.

Someone else was drawing there already and I hoped they might go away while I had my pot of tea and gluten free carrot cake (I know, I know: already I have outed myself as a ‘food nutter’ – in my defence I don’t know what my ancestors were eating on the west coast of Ireland, but it sure as hell wasn’t wheat).

She didn’t go. And it all looked a very professional business: A3 paper and some expensive marker pens. It is exactly the sort of scenario which makes one fumble pulling out one’s notebook and pen…

But it was exactly to unshackle myself from this kind of (self imposed) intimidation that I set myself this challenge – and I was able to distract myself with a nearby pot of past their prime geraniums.

The resulting image took just over an hour.

There are some terrible things about it, I don’t really even want to talk about the light coloured pot but I did enjoy some the flowers on the left side.

I was using a fine point blue felt tipped pen (someone told me not to use pencils when I’m trying to build up my confidence – make the mark and stick to it?) – I’d be interested in your views!

So until the next drawing x


2 thoughts on “Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

  1. This is a lovely sketch, it is very fresh and has a nice life to it. I like your composition and the contrast of the flowers against the dark pot works well. So glad you have returned to drawing and I know you will find this blog such a great way to get feed back and get used to putting your work out there. My own blog has really helped me. Good luck and keep drawing. I look forward to your next. Karen

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for your kind words. It’s weird to upload words and images into the ‘abyss’ and then stand back, I didn’t really expect anyone to have seen what I’d produced (I may be missing the point!) so to log on this morning and receive such a positive message was really lovely, thank you again, Yvonne.

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