Platform Cafe, Netil House

Platform Cafe, Netil House

Day 2: Platform Cafe on the second floor of Netil House, whilst not exactly hidden, does take a bit of finding.

This 1960s office building at the junction of Mare Street and Westgate Street is home to a collection of studios/ateliers and their resident creatives. The cafe (access: a ‘buzz to enter’ door, at the end of the lane, by the right of the building… and that’s before the 2 flights of stairs) is a great mid-day workspace.

The cafe menu is reasonably priced, the expansive surfaces don’t call for knocking elbows with your neighbours (elbow room often being a casualty of more cosy east london cafs) – ideal for a spot of drawing.

During the day, the space is lit by the south facing window, which also presents an unobstructed panorama of the city: intricate and industrial.

And the object of today’s drawing.

The intimidation factor of a cityscape is, for me, higher than geraniums; so I knew this would be a bit tricky.

Things are, more or less, where they should be. You can see my battle, and eventual defeat, by the gas works tower. I particularly love the structures which represent the ‘mechanisms’ of the city: the electrified power lines and gas works (in general, not in this drawing!). I do need to think carefully about how much prominence I want to give one telegraph pole.

I’m regarding this skyline as a future grudge match.

Watch this space,



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