Towpath Cafe

Day 3: Towpath Cafe

One of London’s most atmospheric little eateries.
Not really a secret, but not as broadly known among my London dwelling acquaintances as it probably deserves to be.
Hide yourself in the recessed cabin with and warm your hands with a fresh mint tea as rain batters the canopy, canal and passing cyclists. Congratulate yourself on your cosy spot.
While doing just this, I was so overwhelmed by the potential drawing ‘targets’ (the canal, the people, furniture) that I ended up staring even deeper into my tea, and hence, this ‘mouthwash fresh’ drawing was born.
It did call for a confusing order of a second mint tea whilst the first was still ‘in use’. The staff bore it well, and did not really call me to account for the duplicate request.
With regard to the drawing it’s self, I’ve never been too fond of the classic still life set up (of which this would be a mere element). It calls an attention to proportion in ovals and curves which often has me reaching for another pastime before having really ‘given it a shot’. It is precisely this laziness which I aim to put under the spotlight ( and hence rid myself thereof!?) in this blog.
It’s just that curves are a funny old business when you get into them, and this mug handle was giving me real gyp: not one curve of light but many, all combining to make my drawing experience as tricky as possible, although it has turned out slightly better than I thought it might have at first.
I will have to widen my visual field though. If I go about drawing East London one cup at a time we’ll be here forever.
ps. for a beautifully illustrated Towpath Cafe I suggest checking out the website of the envy-inducing Gatto Bravo:

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