Cooper and Wolf


I’m a big fan of dill.

And if you are too, Clapton’s ‘Cooper and Wolf’ is the place to be.

Rocking the popular ‘Scandinavian Schoolroom’ vibe, Cooper and Wolf go one step further with a menu chock full of umlauts and gravlax.

If dill isn’t your thing, they’ve still got a pretty good line in coffee courtesy of the Caravan Roasters in Exmouth Market, and a relaxed enough vibe for an expresso to stretch for a couple of hours.

The window ledge, and indeed all other surfaces, suggest  the Swedish-turned-East-London owners have a penchant for succulent and hardy greenery such as cacti and money plants, and the many antique typewrites hint at a good (if somewhat typewriter orientated) eye at antiques markets.

And therefore, in addition to their culinary offerings, the cafe offers a visual feast, in particular for fans of still life…

… if of course, the other customers didn’t get in the way.

The glass coffee cup for example, was ‘in use’ for the time of the drawing and would intermittently be cradled by it’s drinker – instead of being replaced onto the nice saucer, where it is supposed to live! (admittedly, mostly for the purposes of my drawing…)

Having been away from the drawing for a bit it felt a bit weird to start off with, but great to zone out a bit and just have the luxury to be able to examine my inspiring surroundings at slightly closer quarters!

For a bit more on Cooper and Wolf, and their home on Chatsworth Road, this is a great link:


4 thoughts on “Cooper and Wolf

  1. An absolutely lovely and harmonious study of a window sill. And the Cooper and Wolf sounds cozy (umlauts, antique typewriters, and succulents… what a wonderful combination). I can ‘see’ why you’d be inspired 🙂

  2. Hi There! Love your drawing from Cooper & Wolf. Would you be interested in selling it to us?
    Kind Regards Alex & Sara ( the owners of Cooper & Wolf)

    1. I’d be happy to give it to you (if i can find it) – possibly in exchange for a flat white 🙂 but i’m in Seville at the moment, I’ll get in touch if I can get my hands on it and one of my friends in the area can hand it in, i’m pleased you like my work, I’m a big fan of yours! Yvonne

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