Vagabond N4: London’s most consistent expresso?


Finsbury Park is working London.

It’s the machinery which drives ritzy Islington and yummy mummy magnet Stoke Newington.

There’s a big (ugly) transport hub, a lavishly proportioned pound shop and fried chicken available at any hour. It’s what passes for affordable living in London’s ‘zone 2’.

And for this reason, it’s coffer of local gems remain (mostly) hidden.

And Vagabond isn’t even a diamond in the rough.

It has all reclaimed self-bulid charm of any Hackney or Dalston establishment.

From the commuter friendly hour of 7am until 7pm daily the ‘coffee guys’ (they are all men, there’s a high proportion of tattoos and piercings… ‘barista’ seems too frou frou) serve 2 shot expresso-based drinks to the North London crowd. Never bitter, never watery, nor too ‘short’, these tattooed lads take their time with each coffee  -if your train from Finsbury is really close then no, you probably don’t have time to grab a quick coffee here.

I’ve been around the block (coffee wise!), and the best expresso I’ve been served in London was here – and I’ve never had a bad’un.

But oh for the appearance of a gluten-free cake on the menu! Their chocolate cookies, mercilessly dunked in a latte by my flatmate in front of me during this visit, look amazing.

But this is not Islington and I’ll have to content myself with available soya milk 😦 .

My drawing (over 2 pages – how do other people make this look good!?) ended up being a more rushed affair than I had planned, but I enjoyed the lights with their AT-AT walker style appendages (what do these enormous boxes do?).

I tire of carbon* and will be back to some manner of pen for the next one. I think probably colour is overdue as well…

* for drawing (before someone gets all science geek on me)


3 thoughts on “Vagabond N4: London’s most consistent expresso?

  1. I absolutely love this pencil drawing. I thought it was a photograph at first. The gradations and details look very lovingly done. Hope you do a few more in pencil? 🙂

    1. That is really kind, thank so very very much! As for pencil: it’s certainly one of the most portable mediums about – so I don’t think i’ll be ditching it permanently any time soon!
      I do get a bit ‘eraser happy’ my hope is that by transferring to pen for a bit I’ll cure this habit – we’ll see!!

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