Bar Duque

So my drawing blog previously really helped me.

It helped me get on my coat and get out the door instead of watching ‘just one more’ episode of Game of Thrones.

But as in my new updated ‘about’ page, i fell off the Wagon and let the drawing and blogging slip!

And with a move to Seville i’m no longer illustrating East London and I do feel a bit further out of my comfort zone.

Last Friday I realised that I was increasingly frustrated by my own procrastination and as such wrote the following paragraphs with a plan to insert it into my blog, with the resulting pictures of the cafe….

Tonight I’m off to Plaza del Duque to fight with well-dressed pensioners for bench space.

Bar/Cafeteria “El Duque” caught my eye early on, nestled as it is between shopping giant ‘El Corte Ingles’ and Zara (or similar ladies clothing brand) and Spaniards cling to it’s edges all day long from coffee to copa.

I hope I can do it’s nice retro signage justice!

So, not so much justice for the retro signage and I’m feeling very rusty, but it’s fair to say almost relieved that I’ve begun again…

Take 1 and Take 2, partially because I decided to remove an obstructive road sign, and mostly because all of the people in Take 1 moved on after about 20 minutes…

A lot of the proportions in Take 1 are better, you’ll note a significantly longer awning (not really there) in Take 2.

Take 1:

DSC00335Take 2:

DSC00334The important thing, overall, was to draw SOMETHING, and indeed post it!

Onwards and upwards!







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