Seville’s Street Furniture – kind of

I am usually the sort of person who generates a kind of inefficient energy which often results little other than some very busy procrastination.

In a smug (and thus clearly ill fated) attempt to vanquish this tendency I rushed from my flat to the park beside Puerta Jerez Metro ready to put pen to  … no paper…

…well not exactly no paper

I’m sure my friends will ‘delight’ in their newly customised envelopes!

Apologies for the heavy handed photoshop address erasing (it’s the only way I know how).

The first is a ubiquitous Seville palm: a gaudy tree for someone more used to an Islington cherry blossom… and the more I drew the more it’s ‘inner triffid’ seem to reveal itself.

I feel I’ve paid an unconscious tribute to some 70s wallpaper somewhere out there.

Palm Tree

One side (due to poor envelope planning 😦 !) of more sedate street lamp follows:

street lamp detail


So hopefully some more leisurely drawing soon, with a cafe con leche (soja!) or something…


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