The Kauri Tree

This was hastily torn from a sketchbook on a recent journey to London, when I realised I had two cafe drawings which I had not posted to East London Illustrated, the other (Tinderbox, Islington – will follow when i’ve figured out what to do with colouring it).

The Kauri Tree (no website) in Stoke Newington offers Climpson’s coffee and sizeable pots of tea in delicatessen type surroundings. It’s a proven formula on Stokey’s Church Street.

I’m assuming there is a New Zealand connection, given the reference to the it’s native plant – and the significant, possibly even pioneering, contribution of the kiwis to the London coffee scene. I should have asked at the time!

My enduring memory of the afternoon is the presence of ‘Aggie’ (‘How Clean is your House?, UK television show) – immaculately turned out, having coffee with a friend. My ‘star spotting’ is overall hopeless, and I think this is the only celebrity I had clapped eyes on since I arriving in London over 5 years previously.

I would agree with this blogger, that the Kauri Tree seemed to be having some teething problems (hot water based, in my experience) in early 2014 but with some minor tweaking should cement it’s kiwi credentials in the area.IMG_1205


5 thoughts on “The Kauri Tree

  1. I love sketches like this; they put you in the place better than any photograph can. I like your contrasting usage of solid color fills versus linear color fills, especially with the blue and yellow areas.

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