Bar La Traviesa, Calle Regina, Sevilla


Bar La Traviesa (not having any website that I can see, but mentioned in this Spanish blog – and this English one – and considerably less favourably in this other Spanish one) sits offset from the Plaza de la Encarnación.

This particular plaza is easily identified, as it’s home to the most controversial piece of architecture in the city – ‘Espacio Metropol Parsol’ or Las Setas (the mushrooms) as they have been dubbed locally. To the horror of any Spanish person I’ve met – native to Seville or otherwise – I quite like this giant wooden structure, described by my sister as ‘a giant waffle hanging over Seville’:


But getting back to the cafe/bar. It sets the ‘quirky’ tone for both Calle de Regina, and the area in general as it snakes off back towards the alternative district of the city: wood interior, retro fittings, some questionable artwork (I know, glass houses…).

It has reasonable-sized exterior terrace, but I have more often used it’s interior for the holy technology trinity of fast wifi, plugs and coffee.

As you may be able to see from the blogs, the reviews come up pretty variable. Certainly for a drink or a coffee it’s a bit more modern feeling than a standard bar, the service is polite and fast, and the coffee is slightly better than average – but not having eaten there I can’t really say how it fares in this respect.

As above on this occasion I did some drawing, prompting some friendly questioning, and encouraging remarks from one of the waiters. It’s gone a bit ‘Victoria Park’ in style, I think influenced by the flowers in the foreground. It was pretty dark inside, with the spanish sun bleaching everything outside except for the wrought iron.

Although I had intended for this to be the first in the €16 challenge – I forgot my special purse – and didn’t take a note of the coffee price, so the challenge starts in earnest from tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Bar La Traviesa, Calle Regina, Sevilla

  1. Hey, thanks for the linkage (Sevilla Tapas). I have to say I haven’t been back to La Traviesa in about three years, so things may have – or most likely have – changed. Love your drawings! You should check out La Azotea on calle Mateos Gago for great coffee and wifi (also very good breakfasts). Late afternoons at Vineria San Telmo are also a good time for coffee, wifi and fabulous desserts (5-7pm). Enjoy!

    1. Hi, thanks so much for the recommendations! – I see from your blog that you know the city really well – I’m looking forward to a sugar and coffee hit courtesy of Vineria San Telmo in the next few days 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for visiting my blog ( Congratulations for your blog! Your drawings are gourgeous!! I’ve really enjoyed watching them!!

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