Don Diego, Triana, Seville

IMG_1250I usually try to include an external link to the cafe or place I have drawn, but for Don Diago I had quite strong suspicions it may not have an ‘internet presence’. In the end, however, it had not escaped the omnipresent web and I did find these quite rosy reviews on yelp (Spanish).

Don Diago boasts a Seventies interior and exterior that must be the result of at least forty years of careful upkeep, and would cause kitsch-seeking-hipsters to weep (and possibly try to pocket some of the trimmings). And here the tradition isn’t limited to the decor – even in the late afternoon heat the waiters are in black waistcoats and deliver your cortado black, topping it up with hot milk in front of you – bit of class.

Not bad for €1.50.

Leaving €15.15 from the challenge change purse!

The crepes and cream filled pastries look pretty good, and those yelp reviews seem to back up this visual impression.

For the drawing the I used a black waterproof pen and the colour was added later  – and is a further foray into the world of watercolour, with which I continue to experiment without really knowing what I’m doing :-).





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