Tinderbox at Angel




Tinderbox at Angel is one of my go-to work sites in London.

Plugs – yes, Wifi – yes, Late opening (surprisingly tricky to find in London, and in my opinion significantly contributes to the ubiquity of Starbucks/Costa) – yes. Some Glasgow heritage to make you go a bit misty eyed? yes.

And will you be left alone for hours and hours with your single expresso? All yes.

It doesn’t feel as edgy as it once did, but the decor (not well reflected above!!) is both playful (those cones on the ceiling are lights in the shape of coffee cups) and cool (reclaimed leather airline seats at the side of an enormous glass window, cozy booths like you read about in american novels).

Londoners can appreciate this, and as such, it’s usually packed – even with the opening of The Coffee Works Project across the road. This self consciously cool contender (orders are taken on iPads – I’m not sure this is necessary) is expensive… and certainly less tolerant of the ‘one expresso afternoon’.

I did this drawing one Sunday afternoon at the cafe with one of my flatmates, subsequently started to add some colour with a limited range of pens in Glasgow, and without those available pens, attacked it again here with some sludgy watercolour. I’m not terribly happy with how the colour has gone  – but it all gets published!


4 thoughts on “Tinderbox at Angel

  1. I like the way your picture is mainly a still life with the barista blended into the proceedings. It sounds like a funky place to write or draw. Cafes can be lonely; I get irked by the sight of young couples drunk on lubricious bliss. And the ubiquitous awful music playing in public in Seoul makes me consider becoming a full-time hermit (although if I did I’d starve to death). I also like the way you describe the work in detail. If you’re interested in criticism about art with a literary meant, I warmly recommend Camille Paglia’s Glittering Images, along with What Makes Great Art, by Andy Pankhurst and Lucinda Hawksley. Of course, as an American, I’m a philistine; I’m sure you can find any number of formidable works on the subject where you are. (I know what you mean about things closing too early in London. I’m sorry to hear things haven’t changed in that department since I lived there for a month back in 1984.) By the way, thanks for liking my last post!

    1. Thank you very much for the recommendations – i will seek them out! I have followed your blog since it was ‘fresh pressed’ and I enjoy do your bleak, dry, comic style (towards Bukowski?). As for late opening – this is no longer a problem as i’ve relocated for a spell to Seville. That said, this is a city where ‘the afternoon’ has been obliterated by baking heat and finding anywhere, anything open between the hours of 2 and 6 is quite the challenge. I suspect America and the Far East still have the upper hand over Europe in the 24 hour city stakes?

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