This is rehab… again 😦 !

As a teenager I loved to draw, but over the past 10 years I have seldom dedicated any time to it. Now when I put pen to paper, I’m often disappointed with the results, and I give up before I’ve even really started.

So for a few months, in my usual home of East London I managed to keep up the regular drawing and posting….

…. when the opportunity to work like a beast for a few months and then move to Seville for a while arose…

and my poor blog (and any drawing abilities gained) lay dormant.

My tech skills are such that I felt that posting things about Seville under the heading of East London was at best confusing… a pitiful procrastination device… especially with the ease with which I’ve just altered my title!!

So hopefully I’ll maintain this time what I laid aside earlier this year.

my aim is still to improve my drawing overall, and as previously just be more comfortable with getting my pen and paper out in public. While I’d become significantly less self conscious about drawing in London where I could readily chat to the curious punter – it’s fair to say that to some extent that self-consciousness has returned with the prospect of some rapid fire Andalusian in my earhole.

I’ll continue to publish the good, bad and ugly…

Constructive criticism, hints and suggestions – all welcome!

Anyone out there with any suggestions on what Seville has to offer – si hay lugares que tengo que ver aquí – por favour – dime!*

Let the drawing (re)commence!



*disculpe por mi mal español 🙂




19 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your kind words on my blog on the illustration “The Beauty of Fun”!

    Your illustrations are gorgeous, I love your drawing style with the cross hatchings and simple black and white. I am also glad to hear that there are more people out there that is picking up on drawing. Myself, I haven’t drawn a lot for five years, and I have recently started again. It is very exciting!
    Goog luck! 😀

  2. Drawing is one of those admirable talents I lack. As with singing, pronouncing words correctly, and running more than a block without collapsing. I wish you well on your continued practices.

  3. Beautiful blog and drawings! I wish I could I draw 😦 hope you’re sitting on benches creating more amazing drawings outside xx

  4. Hey there, reading your “About” Page makes me feel I can relate – I also want to revive my inner artist and pracitce more. It’s hard though without having a clear goal now. Thank you again for visiting my blog and sketchbook. Honestly speaking it inspired me to see your day to day drawings. Love the details. Like your writing style and the stories. I’ll follow you. Keep it up 🙂 I’m curious for more

    1. thank you very much for visiting!… and hopefully yes there will be more. I love seeing other people’s drawing and sketching blogs because it spurs me into action – and you have got some fantastic stuff on your site, so I’ll be back to see that too!

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